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You work hard on your research.

ADS Enhanced® makes sure your research works hard for you.

  • Search Boost™

    With a premium plan, you can be sure that your papers are "boosted" to the top of search results pages. Even if they aren't relevant. How's that for an enhancement?

  • The Power of Altmetrics

    ADS Enhanced® factors all Twitter tweets, Facebook likes, and Instagram hearts into your citation count.

  • Experimental Features

    • A peer-to-peer paper torrenting service
    • ADS Dating (sort potential citation!)
    • Hip image filters for your PDFs
  • Stay on the Cutting Edge

    Starting May 1st, only Enhanced® users will be able to search for papers published within the last six months.

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The Post Doc

$8 per month
  • Basic License
  • Title search only
  • 10 abstract views a day
  • No e-mail support

The Adjunct

$19 per month
  • Professional License
  • Author and Title search
  • 50 abstract views a day
  • Email Support

The Tenured Professor

$79 per month
  • Stellar License
  • All searches available
  • Metrics and all plots
  • Search relevancy boost
  • Citation-for-tips scheme
  • Unlimited Team Members*
  • 24/7 Phone Support

*ADS Enhanced® only recognises Team Members as people who have more than 100 citations.

ADS reserves all rights to user data

including but not limited to:

Your search history data
e.g. do you use correct search syntax + proper boolean logic at all times

Time spent on competitor sites
e.g. Google Scholar, LexisNexis

Your bibliographic metadata
e.g. do you acknowledge ADS appropriately in your papers

Your biometric data
e.g. heart rate when looking at competitor's citation count