Problems Exporting to ADS Classic

If nothing happens when you try to export records to ADS Classic, it is possible that you may be blocking popups. The issue has to do with browsers restricting the way we communicate with ADS Classic.


  1. Open up a new window/tab and navigate to chrome://settings/content/popups.

  2. Click on the ADD button under Allow section.


  3. Type or copy/paste [.*] into the input box.


  4. Click on ADD to include ADS Beta to the list of allowed sites.


  5. Reload the ADS Beta page to refresh the site settings.


  1. Open up a new window/tab and navigate to about:preferences#privacy.

  2. Scroll down to the Permission Section.

  3. Find Block Popups and click on Exceptions.


  4. In the dialog that popups, type in and click Allow.



  5. Click on Save Changes.

  6. Reload ADS Beta, and you should be able to export to ADS Classic.

Note: Firefox may still warn about connecting over an insecure connection when exporting