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Name Change Policy

SAO/NASA ADS Name Change Policy

The ADS is committed to respecting the rights and identities of authors and seeks to reduce or remove barriers to inclusion and author credit for their published works. We support the best practice guidelines put forth by COPE to allow for accessibility, comprehensiveness, invisibility, expediency and simplicity to changes and to regularly maintain changes. We recognize that authors may change their names for many reasons, including marriage or divorce, religious conversion, gender identity change, and other personal reasons. Under our new policy, the ADS will change names in the metadata used for searching and display the preferred name but will not be able to change the names on full text articles previously published, as these are created and maintained by journal publishers. If you are interested in seeing these modifications applied to the full text manuscript, please contact the responsible publisher. Alternatively, if you would rather just link your two names so that both are returned when searching for either, we can add an author synonym to enable this. You may also want to consider claiming your papers in ORCID, utilizing your ORCID ID to make your papers discoverable in ADS and ORCID regardless of name variations over time. Please contact us at to allow us to see whether we can better accommodate your needs.