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Citation Helper

This option gives a list of 10 results which consists of publications that cite and/or are cited by papers in the list you just submitted, but they were not in this list. The process closely resembles the network approach of establishing “friends of friends”. Assuming that the bibcodes provided are all valid, it is still possible that no results will be returned. If results are returned, they have a score associated with them. This score essentially reflects how many “friends” know these other “friends”.

The envisioned use case for this is the following. While in the process of writing a paper, you maintain an ADS Library which represents the bibliography of your paper. When you think you are done, this tool may help you identify “missing” papers that might be considered for citation, or more simply, find papers very closely related to a set of papers that you have selected.

If there are any papers you would like to add to your library, select them an click the button “Add selected papers to this library”.