What’s New

This page is updated monthly with a list of new and improved features and bug fixes to our website, API, data pipelines, and data holdings. We also list operations issues of note.

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April 2019

  • Website and API
    • [new] Implemented lazy loading of widgets to improve site performance
    • [new] New feature: library set operations, available under Action button within library module
    • [new] New search field: “inst” (institution) field is now available for users to search the set of curated affiliations, currently available from the left-side filters; this complements the existing “aff” (affiliation) field, which allows users to search the uncurated text of this field
    • [improved] Additional export formats added to be more compatible with Classic-style export
    • [improved] arXiv ID is now pushed with ORCID claims to improve record matching on the ORCID site
    • [improved] Improvements to showing/hiding the sidebars
    • [improved] Improved UX on fast connections
    • [improved] arXiv ID added to abstract screens
    • [fixed] Fix for default naming in library set operations
    • [fixed] Fixed several bugs for exporting citations: fixed G author format, fixed journal name for macro matching, fixes to be more compatible with Classic-style export
    • [fixed] Fixed several bugs in Classic query translator: fixed bugs in parsing bibstems to include/exclude, fixed bug when querying for a single author, fixed bug to ensure database selection is passed, cleaned up error messages
    • [fixed] Fixed bug to speed site load
    • [fixed] Fixed several ORCID bugs related to the ORCID login, claiming records with no abstract, claiming/updating records using an alternate bibcode, updating records from the ORCID profile screen, requiring user to log into ORCID again if ORCID login has expired
    • [fixed] Fixes to the Classic and Paper forms
    • [fixed] Fixes to library interface including who could view public libraries, fix for viewing large libraries in search results screen, fix for adding record to a library from the abstract screen
    • [fixed] Numerous bug fixes in the user interface to improve user experience
    • [fixed] Fixes to link handling and routing
    • [fixed] Fixes to ensure compatibility with older browsers and for users who have Google blocked
    • [ops] Fix to internal user account cleanup script
    • [ops] Infrastructure to support forthcoming new feature: docs() operator, for performing operations on a selected group of articles or library
    • [ops] Initial deployment of service to load static pages for abstracts to improve site speed; service still in development
    • [ops] Internal build-related updates, updates to continuous integration, updates to unit testing infrastructure
    • [ops] Changes in how errors from the Classic query translator are handled
  • Data holdings and pipelines
    • 51,795 more bibcodes, 799,237 more citations
    • [improved] Complete records from arXiv papers are now searchable several hours earlier.
    • [ops] Performance of our search engines continues to be monitored and improved.
Development details

March 2019

  • Website and API
    • [fixed] Fixed error for users with no works on their ORCID profiles
    • [operations] Updated “CXO” to “Chandra” as a data source name
    • [operations] Updated expiration dates for access tokens
  • Data holdings and pipelines
    • 57,929 more bibcodes, 836,963 more citations
    • [new] The augment affiliation pipeline was productized and has reprocessed millions of affiliation records
    • [improved] The full text pipeline was improved to better handle text in appendices and text from specific publishers
    • [improved] Production search engine performance has been improved
    • [operations] We had some issues with a Solr search engine instance restarting; we are still investigating
Development details

February 2019

  • Website and API
    • [improved] Better handling of requests to API to improve speed
    • [improved] Major back-end ORCID update, including many speed improvements, particularly for users with large profiles
    • [improved] Added new CfA logo to footer, updated footer styling
    • [improved] “Export” renamed to “Export Citation” on abstract page
    • [improved] Added “entdate” field and “similar” operator to Quick Fields menu
    • [fixed] Fixed issue where default database/collection was not always applied, even if set in preferences
    • [fixed] Fixed handling if an ORCID login fails
    • [fixed] Operators that require sorting by score are now sorting properly
    • [fixed] Copying and pasting into the search box no longer triggers the autocomplete
    • [fixed] Fixed export of accented characters
    • [fixed] Fixed behavior of %U, which outputs the URL of the bibcode, in custom export
    • [fixed] Year and month in BibTeX export are now wrapped in double quotes, per the BibTeX standard
    • [fixed] Fixed line breaks in the author and editor fields in the BibTeX export to not wrap in the middle of a name
  • Data holdings and pipelines
    • 65,903 more bibcodes, 769,972 more citations
    • [improved] We deployed improvements to our orcid pipeline and our master pipeline.
    • [improved] We continued to productize the affiliation enhancement pipeline.
    • [operations] Zendo based software citations ran in production mode.
    • [operations] All pipelines ran without interruptions for the month.
Development details

January 2019

  • Website and API
    • [new] Set operations (union, intersection, difference, copy) available for libraries when using the API (not yet available in the browser).
    • [fixed] Fixed how the custom export handles user-supplied LaTeX commands.
    • [operations] Internal improvements to request handling.
  • Data holdings and pipelines
    • 32,886 more bibcodes, 527,614 more citations
    • [new] Results of our affiliation enhancement project are becoming visible to users. We deployed improved affiliation data and faceted search support for several million bibcodes.
    • [new] Our first software citations via Zenodo (bibstem:zndo) are available.
    • [operations] Ingest pipelines was down for a day due to server room issues.
Development details