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Making your library public and managing permissions

You can make your library publicly viewable to non-ADS users by going to the Manage Access tab within your ADS Libraries section under My Account. Press the Make this library public button to make it public. This button generates a unique URL that you can give to people to view your library. You have the option to make your library private again in the future, in the same part of the interface. By default, all libraries are private.

You can also add collaborators to a library to allow other users to view, edit, and/or administrate your library. Available permissions:

  • Read Only: Can view the contents of a private library
  • Read & Write: Can view a library and add/remove records to it
  • Admin: Can view a library, add/remove records, edit the library name and description, and add/remove other collaborators

To add a collaborator:

  1. Go to the Manage Access tab and scroll to the Collaborators section.
  2. Click the Add Collaborator button.
  3. Fill out the email address of the user you’d like to add as a collaborator (they must have an ADS user account under this email address) and choose their permission level.
  4. Click Add Collaborator to finish adding the user. The user will be emailed to notify them of their updated permissions.

Editing collaborators’ permissions or revoking their access can be done directly from the Manage Access tab.

Note that you must be the library owner or have admin permissions to add, edit, or remove collaborators.